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        some of you may not even know what a clique (pro-
        nounced click) is so let me start off by explaining to
        you what this is all about.  a clique is a place where
        fans of a certain person[s] or thing[s] come together
        and show their support for that person[s] or thing[s].
        basically, it's just a place on the web for f
ans to show
        their love and support.  and as you can tell, this par-
        ticular clique is for the multi-talented keith urban.
        if you would like to become a member of this clique,
        simply head on over to the join page and sign up.  it's
        as s
imple as that!  be sure to go to the rules page for
        information o
n how cliques work and what to do after
        you join.)
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